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Social Security Benefits for children

Social Security Disability Benefits for Children

Are there really benefits for children available through Social Security? Social Security. Most Americans associate those two words with the elderly or with disabled adults.  What few think of are benefits for children.  Yet, the unfortunate reality is that millions of children have disabilities and millions more have parents with life altering disabilities.  The good […]

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Social Security scammers

Social Security Scammers Continue To Plead Guilty

What’s in store for Social Security scammers? A while back, our disability blog mentioned a massive Social Security disability scammers case. The scheme was led and carried out primarily by members of the FDNY and NYPD.  It is estimated that the scheme began in 1988 and, during its more than 25 years, defrauded the Social Security Administration […]

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mental illness

Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Illness

Can I get Social Security benefits for a mental illness? It is more difficult to get Social Security disability (SSD) benefits for mental illness than it is for any physical ailments. This unfortunate reality is due to the nature of mental illness. Although apparent to the sufferer, a mental illness can be difficult for a […]

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social security records

The Relevance of Social Security Records to Veterans’ Disability Claims

What do Social Security records have to do with VA benefits? Recently, a single Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) judge decided a case involving the relevance of Social Security records to veterans’ disability claims.  The case does not have precedential value, as a single judge made the ruling.  In other words, future judges […]

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same sex couples and va benefits

Same-Sex Couples Sue for VA Benefits

Can Same Sex Couples Get VA Benefits Under certain circumstances, spouses and children of disabled or deceased veterans are entitled to benefits.  Recently, an issue has arisen over what constitutes a “spouse” for benefits purposes.  More specifically, can a same-sex spouse claim benefits?  What about a same-sex domestic partner?  What impact does the state in […]

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Non-Service connected veterans

Veterans Benefits for Non-Service Connected Disabilities

Veterans Day and Service Connected Disabilities Did you know that the proper spelling of Veterans Day does not include an apostrophe?  The apostrophe is left off because it is a day that honors veterans, not one that belongs to them.  The Department of Veterans Affairs explains this common spelling error and number of other FAQs […]

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Veterans days

Good News for Veterans on September 11

How Can September 11 Bring Good News For Veterans This year marked the 13th Anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  The nation’s healing process is incremental, year by year.  It is a date that will never be forgotten but every year it produces a less visceral response in […]

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Social Security disability trust fund

Social Security Disability Trust Fund in Crisis

Is the Social Security Disability Trust in Trouble? As mentioned in earlier blog posts,Social Security disability is insurance funded by and paid to U.S. workers who are required to give up part of their paychecks to the fund.  For years, politicians and news analysts have stammered on and on about the Social Security disability trust […]

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