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Social Security Benefits for children

Social Security Disability Benefits for Children

Are there really benefits for children available through Social Security? Social Security. Most Americans associate those two words with the elderly or with disabled adults.  What few think of are benefits for children.  Yet, the unfortunate reality is that millions of children have disabilities and millions more have parents with life altering disabilities.  The good […]

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Social Security benefits taxed

Would You Like Tax With That?

Are  Your Benefits Taxable? A recent Forbes article highlighted the “curious and confusing” nature of the law regarding the taxation of Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits.  The words “curious and confusing” weren’t unnecessary commentary by the author; rather, they came directly from a recent decision by the United States Tax Court involving the taxation of SSD […]

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Social media and disability

Disability Claim and Your Social Media Profile

Can Social Media Hurt Your Disability Claim Your disability claim can be seriously impacted by your social media presence. Recent statistics show that approximately 57% of all adults in the United States are Facebook users.  Reasons cited for using the platform range from a desire to keep up with friends to getting feedback on posted content. […]

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