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Social Security Benefits for children

Social Security Disability Benefits for Children

Are there really benefits for children available through Social Security? Social Security. Most Americans associate those two words with the elderly or with disabled adults.  What few think of are benefits for children.  Yet, the unfortunate reality is that millions of children have disabilities and millions more have parents with life altering disabilities.  The good […]

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SSI benefits lawyers

SSI: An Alternative for Those Unqualified for Social Security Disability

How do you get SSI benefits? Social Security Disability is a type of insurance that provides financial disability benefits to those who qualify; but what happens if you don’t qualify?  Maybe you were in a long-term relationship where your romantic partner paid the bills and have since separated and become disabled.  You may not have […]

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VA Benefits Claims Approved

Don’t Be Afraid to File Your Veterans Disability Claim

Will the VA Fairly Hear Your Disability Claim A recent veterans disability article noted that many veterans don’t apply for disability because they are unaware of the benefits or incorrectly believe their injury isn’t severe enough to qualify.  If you have a service-related injury, the disability attorneys at the Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group strongly […]

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Department of Veterans Affairs Accused of Deception

Deception at the VA…Again

Is the VA at it again? The Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group blog has been covering the seemingly neverending news about scandals at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  It started with reports of forged paperwork regarding the length of time those receiving VA medical benefits waited for care.  Then came allegations of both over-payments […]

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Social media and disability

Disability Claim and Your Social Media Profile

Can Social Media Hurt Your Disability Claim Your disability claim can be seriously impacted by your social media presence. Recent statistics show that approximately 57% of all adults in the United States are Facebook users.  Reasons cited for using the platform range from a desire to keep up with friends to getting feedback on posted content. […]

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Veterans Affairs attorneys can help

Headline Update: Whirlwind at the Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs Under Pressure and Increased Scrutiny The United States Department of Veterans Affairs has received a fair amount of negative press lately. At the Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group, we have been focusing on these developments as they come up. The following are just a few recent news updates that highlight the difficulties the […]

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