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VA deception

Department of Veterans Affairs Accused of Deceptive Practices…Again

Is Department of Veterans Affairs Fixing the Backlog or Covering Up The Department of Veterans Affairs has received national attention over the past few months for its deceptive practices with respect to health care treatment.  As that issue continues to enrage and sadden, the office is again in the news, this time for deceptive practices […]

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VA benefits Bad Call

Bad Call: Appealing a Veterans Disability Decision

What’s involved in appealing a Veterans disability decision? Filing a claim for veterans disability benefits can be a long and exhausting process.  There are multiple steps along the way and the time it takes to get benefits ranges from months to years, depending on particular circumstances and the necessity of appeal. We recommend retaining a veterans […]

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Clear and Unmistakable Error (CUE) claim

Clear and Unmistakable Error Claim [CUE]-CAVC

Do you have a Clear and Unmistakable Error Claim [CUE] with the CAVC A CUE (Clear and unmistakable error claim) motion is a collateral attack on a final RO or Board decision. Disabled Am. Veterans v. Gober, 234 F.3d 682, 696–98 (Fed.Cir.2000). To establish clear and unmistakable error claim for a final RO decision, a claimant must show […]

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