Disability Attorneys

Joseph Whitcomb

Joe Whitcomb founded Rocky Mountain Disability to help the people needing disability benefits. His work as one of the disability attorneys at the Social Security Administration makes him uniquely qualified to represent you in your claim. As a service disabled Veteran who fought for his own benefits when he was fresh out of law school, he is a great choice to help you fight for your entitlements.

Brandon Selinksy

Brandon Selinsky has been representing clients in front of the Social Security Administration for more than five years. He has helped hundreds of people win their claims in front of dozens of Administrative Law Judges (ALJs). Brandon’s has represented claimants all over the country and at all levels of the appeals process. He is one of the lead disability attorneys for Social Security hearings for our Denver office.

Ken Enright

Ken Enright is a VA-accredited attorney and US Army veteran, including a deployment to Baghdad from December 2007 through February 2009 as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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