Veterans & Federal Contracts Upon Owners Death

What Happens to Some Federal Contracts for Veterans When the Owner Dies? There are various Federal Contracts owned by particular classifications of individuals including veterans. The unexpected death of an individual, however, can leave an individual with numerous questions about how ownership of the contract will transfer. This blog post will note some elements about … Continued

Veterans Benefits & Incarceration

Receiving Veterans Benefits While Incarcerated Statistics from the National Institute of Corrections reveal that veterans represent 9 out of every 100 individuals in jails or prison in the United States. Many individuals are not aware that veterans can still apply for Veteran’s Administration benefits while incarcerated. This article will explain some of the important aspects … Continued

Military Sexual Trauma

Military Sexual Trauma Military Sexual Trauma (MST) is an unfortunate occurrence. Unfortunately, many veterans who experienced this type of trauma are often too afraid of retaliation to report the incident. Fortunately, the Veterans’ Affairs Office understands that MST occurs and that too often individuals are severely affected by these events. Many individuals who experience MST … Continued

Agent Orange Exposure & Veterans Disability Benefits

Agent Orange Exposure & Veterans Disability Benefits Many veterans are eligible for disability compensation for diseases that are associated with Agent Orange Exposure, which is an herbicide that was used during the Vietnam War. Statistics estimate that more than 100,000 veterans were exposed to herbicides while in Vietnam. The Role of Agent Orange Agent Orange was … Continued

Yes, You Should Hire an Attorney For Your CAVC Appeal

Every individual or business facing a legal issue confronts the question of whether or not to hire an attorney.  Whether in civil or criminal cases, the hiring of an attorney is a choice.  You can pay to hire an attorney or appear as a pro se litigant.  Pro se is a latin phrase meaning “for … Continued

Video on Applying for VA benefits

We know applying for and getting VA benefits can be confusing and time consuming.  The purpose of this video is to make the application process more manageable and easier to understand. If your preparing for separation from service, please review this video and call us with any questions.

A New Veterans Memorial For Those Who Survived

Have you seen the new veterans memorial? There are many famous war memorials around the U.S. that pay homage to the brave men and women who have served our country.  These memorials are visited by students, soldiers, veterans, and other U.S. citizens on a daily basis.  They are powerful reminders of the courage of those … Continued

Headline Update: Whirlwind at the Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs Under Pressure and Increased Scrutiny The United States Department of Veterans Affairs has received a fair amount of negative press lately. At the Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group, we have been focusing on these developments as they come up. The following are just a few recent news updates that highlight the difficulties the … Continued

Enhanced Dependency Claim-CAVC Appeal

Moffit v. Shinseki (February 14, 2014) Claim for Enhanced Dependency Based on Hypothetical Entitlement The claimant’s husband was a veteran of the US Army, who served from 1944 through 1946 and served and was wounded in WWII.  He filed for and won 100 percent disability compensation in 1946, which was reduced to 60 percent in … Continued


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