Misdiagnosed by the VA Results-Hole in Spine

Brian Tally, a former SGT in the United States Marine Corps was severely injured due to the incompetence of several doctors and ER staff, at the VA hospital in Loma Linda, Ca. His misdiagnosis led to months of neglect and malpractice, that eventually nearly cost him his life. After nearly a year long battle with … Continued

Employee or Independent Contractor? The Difference Matters

Are you an employee or independent contractor? The Colorado workers’ compensation attorneys at the Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group regularly consult with clients on potential workers’ compensation claims.  One of the most common questions from clients is, “Am I entitled to workers’ compensation?”  Ultimately, it depends on a variety of facts and issues.  One of … Continued

Handling a Minor Injury at Work

When is a minor injury not minor? Pop quiz from the Rocky Mountain Disability Law Group: You work at a small marketing firm, and after a stream of success, the company is moving into a newer upgraded office space.  As you’re helping to move files from the old office to the new one, you trip … Continued


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